“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single bottle of wine.”
– Apologies to Lao Tzu

I fell in love with wine when my 2nd husband surprised me with my first trip to Napa Valley in the breezy fall of 1993. It’s a love affair still going strong more than 25 years later – just the wine, that is!

Great Legs Wine was born out of a lifelong shared obsession between me and my friends. We continue to deepen our mutual bonds over great conversation and wines that remind us how good life can be when you take a moment to appreciate the abundant wonders in life.

Great Legs Wine is a place where passionate pinot meets powerful purpose.

Over the years, I went from casual connoisseur to seeking out a deeper education about the grapes, regions, and processes that make for a wonderful wine. As my knowledge grew, so did my appreciation, access to better bottles, and taste in wine. I went on to complete trainings in Wine and Spirit Education Trust (with Merit!), and Court of Master Sommeliers, as well as living and traveling a wine adventurer lifestyle for over 30 years through the wine regions of the U.S. (Napa, Oregon, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania) to Provence and Tuscany.

Today, I want to share that knowledge, joy, and love with you so you can experience wine in a whole new way. Welcome to Great Legs Wine!

The Journey To Great Wine

Don’t waste good money on bad wine. Find your new favorite by learning your grapes.
cabernet wine


There’s so much more to this grape than “butter” or “oak.” Go outside the barrels of California and join me in the journey to Great Chardonnay. You may discover that you love this misunderstood delicious varietal.

chardonnay wine


One grape with infinite variations make this the most iconic and popular red wine in the world. Travel beyond Napa as we discover legendary Cabernets across other wine regions. We found the makes and models worth savoring.



Did you know there are many versions of this bubbly elixir? And, it’s not just for celebrations! Explore a whole new world when you immerse yourself in the diversity of grapes that make up sparkling wine.

Best Cellars

Don’t know what to choose yet? These crowd favorites are sure to please even the pickiest critics.

cabernet wine

[Best Seller 1]

chardonnay wine

[Best Seller 2]


[Best Seller 3]

Adventure Beyond the
Walls of Your Home

Join us in our shared passion of the world of wine as we explore topics we know and love – and the ones we want you to know and love. Our podcast embodies our unabashed love affair with our favorite friend: wine.


Wine Cellar Management

Every bottle of wine has a perfect threshold in which you should drink it. Do you know which wines to age, and which to serve?

If you’re building your wine collection and you would like some expert help, Great Legs Wine excels at identifying your unique tastes and matching you to world-class wines.

We also offer inventory management assistance to help you identify the perfect point to serve and drink your inventory, as well as manage and catalog it for you. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

The world of wine is vast and when you expand your palate, a whole new experience awaits.